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Vidyo was initially spotted by Mac Stories, who took a chance at downloading the .99 app and reported it worked as advertised.According to their tests, Vidyo let you record your device’s audio or the microphone’s audio, video from the device screen or the cameras, and you could output in resolutions up to 1080p and 60fps.

The app let you record your screen by acting like it was using Air Play Mirroring – users would select Vidyo as the Air Play source to start the mirroring process, which then triggered the screen recording and, optionally, the audio.

When you finished your recording, you would stop Air Play and the video of your screen recording would be saved to your photo gallery.

Packet loss and latency that accompanies general purpose IP networks posed significant challenges to the existing systems.

Costly dedicated networks and expensive Multipoint Control Units (MCU), which exacerbated delay due to transcoding or forced all endpoints to conform to the least common denominator endpoint quality, were the only solutions the industry had to offer at that time.

The app also included other features that let you import your own audio files to combine with your screen recordings in order to make screencasts.

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