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Investigating the issue "jars" the server and it starts processing again.This problem does not affect passive polling or VMware polling, just the receiving of Active Zabbix Agent and Active Proxy item metrics.

In my case I have a network of two local and one remote hosts: local host A runs Zabbix server ; local host B runs Zabbix Agent; remote host C is a router maintaned by other person.

I need to check if host C is available from host B by ICMP and estimate packet loss rate.

I'll just post the Min/Max/Avg for Poller and Processes during the period where there was around ~80k items in the queue (period is about 1 day, 20 hours). And most of my graphs are more than 100k, so they can't be posted here...

The High MAX values are usually at the end, when Zabbix seems to wake up and process all the back log (lasts about 2-3 minutes at most). Do you have a 3rd party image-hosting site to suggest?

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