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Who is gilles marini dating

After fulfilling his military duties, Gilles returned to Cannes where he worked long hours as a baker in his father’s bakery until the untimely death of his father, Georges Marini.Then, seeking better opportunities for himself, Gilles decided to go to the United States to learn English while working as a model.

During those years when he was affiliated with Irene Marie Models, Gilles also worked in Europe and took advantage of the opportunity to model for Giorgio Armani in Milan .Gilles Marini is the sexy french actor best known for his appearance on Dancing With the Stars on ABC and prior to that for the role he got as Samantha’s hunky & hung neighbor in the hit sensation “Sex and the City” TV show.Read on to find out how he keeps such a great body below: Let’s first learn a little about Gilles Marini.He was born in Grasse, France on January 26, 1976 to an Italian father and a Greek mother.While in Paris, Gilles met Fred Goudon, a famous photographer who introduced Gilles to the world of modeling.After completing his work with Armani, Gilles once again decided to leave Europe to return to the United States.

He has appeared on numerous commercials has also appeared on television in Ugly Betty, Criminal Minds, Windfall, dirty sexy Money etc, and in several soap operas, including Passion and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Recently,he has starred in several movies including : Sex and the city (the movie) opening the 30th may 2008, One and the Other (l’Une et l’Autre), Boy and Girl Guide and Stand Up.

Gilles has also appeared in the film Pirates of the Caribbean.

He lives with his wife Carole and two children, Georges and Juliana. Gilles when not on Dancing With the Stars is at the gym every day hitting the exercise machines! During his appearance on Dancing With the Stars he started out dancing 5 to 6 hours a day and as the finals approached, he dances a lot more.

In a recent q&a he mentioned that he loves sushi, he loves to both “Go out and party but also I love staying at home”. It is no wonder that according to him he constantly eats during training for the show due to his fast weight loss.

His favorite part of a woman’s body is the hip area and butt! He consumes about 8,000 to 9,000 calories per day and “I still lose weight like crazy” according to Gilles.

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