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Thank you for taking the time to write your review - it''s great to hear how much you are enjoying working in our New York office!

It's good to hear your feedback on the L&D function as this has Pros OJ had a great reputation in the market, a well established brand and leader within our markets.

Although career progression is openly planned and discussed with your Manager, what to expect when you achieve a promotion is not.

Salaries, benefits and responsibilities should be discussed before you’re told that you’re being promoted, otherwise you end up with a large pay disparity between people doing the same job and with the same title.

They have an excellent L&D department, which is there to ensure that everyone is achieving their full potential and striving for success, with full support of the Management team.

Success and hard work are very much recognized within the business; promotions are very achievable with clear targets implemented across the business, meaning everyone has the same chance to move upwards.

The business is going through phenomenal growth which presents numerous opportunities unavailable even in other international companies.

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