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After closing one of Karl Lagerfeld's haute couture shows as a child bride, Kimora Lee became a sensation within in the industry.

Soon after, she forged a close friendship with fellow Chanel model Tyra Banks, and became a self-proclaimed muse of Lagerfeld.

The formerly married pair headed out with their respective swirl dates Wednesday night in NYC. Looks like Russ has finally given the beckies a break and decided to get curried away. She looks like the time that will give BDR an earful if he acts up!

Kimora Lee Simmons' banker husband has got himself caught in a scandal involving money laundering.

In addition to the FBI investigating the fund's transactions, the bank is in jeopardy of a congressional inquiry--and as the bank's former head honcho, Leissner has a major target on his back.

But it's not just Leissner who has ties to the scandal.

The couple started dating on-again-off-again for several years. Her husband had begun creating baby clothing from his Phat Farm clothing line.

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