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When do willow and oz start dating

The meeting itself is high on business, low on drama.

Then Oz walks in, offering up one of his typical Shakespeare-length monologues by way of greeting: “Lo, for though I have traveled far and wide, and also to Tibet, the better to bring you all prayer flags and inner peace, I, Oz, former denizen of Sunnydale and the race of manwolves….” I know you’ve all been quoting it since ere the thing aired, so I’ll stop.I can’t help remembering that last week Tara floated some horse-related gambit past Willow and got reluctance and fear in response.She has scaled down her pitch considerably now, by suggesting they might merely get a cat.This reflects Tara’s general optimism about how things are going and her growing importance in the world of Willow, chief evidence of which is the fact that she’s going to her first Scooby meeting.She helped defeat evil at Riley’s house last week, see, and now she’s invited to the clubhouse.Is anyone surprised that it’s Xander who breaks the ice, reaches out, shakes his hand and thereby welcomes Oz into their space? Oz is very sweet about asking Willow if he can see her later, without making any big assumptions.

Tara bails in a fluster, her preferred mode of transportation.

Anya sums it all up when she says: “Everyone’s uncomfortable now.” That would be everyone Riley, who is out of the loop once more.

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The adorable girl bonding that some of you love (some of you, I know, not so much) continues as Will Tara ponder the next step in their relationship: animal adoption.

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