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What do i need to start my own dating site

Back in 2008, articles came out about the soul owner of POF making $10,000 a month running Google ads on his site.

POF is a great example of early to market at the right place and at right time for the free dating site niche.As a result a lot of websites have gone to a free use model in order to survive and beat the competition they’re up against.This strategy can work and drive traffic to your site.The only problem is you’ll have to contend with all the fraudsters in the world, mostly from the Nigeria area of Africa, on your site spamming your members. Well, yes, there are some websites that are making a heaping huge pile of cash.Although not quite a niche site anymore, but it started out that way because it was the first free general dating site there’s Plenty Of (POF).Currently there are so many websites trying to jockey for members that the potential members are spread across many websites thinning the traffic, oh, and don’t forget about Facebook.

Facebook has to be the biggest free non-niche dating site on the planet and probably very effective because it can leverage existing relationships people make.

Anyway, we’re here to talk about niche websites while all these larger websites draw traffic away from the niche market.

Another day and another niche dating site trying to compete in a saturated market.

Not all the possible markets are saturated though, because you can always come up with an even smaller niche, but all the good niches are already crowded.

Some of the lucky early ones to their niche have the alpha dog spot in the market and the search engines.

It’s nearly impossible to knock these websites from the top spots in search engine results.

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