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Despite the extent of the biographical details provided, unsurprisingly, they are all untrue.

These sex workers are not really famous models nor actresses.

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The Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department announced early this year that they dealt with more than 4,500 prostitution cases in 2014, arresting 6,357 people, a 260 percent increase year on year.

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Also, the operators should enforce greater supervision of pornographic photographs and set up an Internet alarm system so that such pornographic content could be removed instantly," he continued.

"Groups who released illegal content should also be blocked or deleted."In fact, the Shenzhen We Chat prostitution case also reflects the fact that some search engine companies may have been involved in the practice of releasing information only after receiving certain amount of money, while the fact that search engines allowed the sex workers' fictitious information to be uploaded is one of the key factors that assisted their illegal activities.

Whoever introduced the customer to the sex worker was paid referral fees, as sex workers would pay the money to the referrer through We Chat's payment function.

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