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Video chat hookup

Attach an Xbox Live Vision camera to your Xbox 360 console to use video chat, attach pictures to messages, and add pictures to your profile.Enjoy video chat with the Vision camera or a Kinect sensor and an Xbox Live membership.

For example, you can block video communication for child accounts and limit video chat to just friends.Use your Vision camera with Video Kinect to have live video conversations with your Xbox Live friends.Make sure to set up Video Kinect before you use it with your Vision camera.To start a Video Kinect conversation The Video Kinect session starts when your friend accepts the video chat invitation.Note When an Xbox Live Vision camera and a Kinect sensor are both connected to an Xbox 360 console, only one can be active at a time.When used to its full potential, though, videoconferencing is a cheap and effective way to see and hear friends who live far away, join in with the family if you can't make it home for the holidays, or virtually kiss your kids goodnight when you're away on a business trip.

Given the amount of money AT&T made for so long on long-distance calling, it's surprising how many modern companies are lining up to offer video calls to anywhere in the world for free; by sending calls over the Internet, these services circumvent phone companies altogether.

Yet here we are, with dozens of ways to send our voices and faces over the Web.

See Using an Xbox Live Vision camera and a Kinect sensor for more information.

conversation, but the combination of high-speed Internet, webcams, and smartphones makes modern video chatting a close substitute.

The technology has come a long way since it popped up as a business tool in the 1990s and evolved into consumer software in the past decade.

Nearly every modern smartphone and laptop comes ready for video chatting, but that ubiquity can be tricky to navigate because features differ across software, and applications aren't necessarily compatible with each other and with all hardware.

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