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Updating win98 to win98se

(Thanks @Joey, here.) Here's a batch to parse the output of ver for XP and newer, courtesy of Simon Sheppard: @echo off Setlocal :: Get windows Version numbers For /f "tokens=2 delims=[]" %%G in ('ver') Do (set _version=%%G) For /f "tokens=2,3,4 delims=. " %%G in ('echo %_version%') Do (set _major=%%G& set _minor=%%H& set _build=%%I) Echo Major version: %_major% Minor Version: %_minor%.%_build% if "%_major%"=="5" goto sub5 if "%_major%"=="6" goto sub6 Echo unsupported version goto:eof :sub5 :: Winxp or 2003 if "%_minor%"=="2" goto sub_2003 Echo Windows XP [%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%] goto:eof :sub_2003 Echo Windows 2003 or xp 64 bit [%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%] goto:eof :sub6 if "%_minor%"=="1" goto sub7 Echo Windows Vista or Windows 2008 [%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%] goto:eof :sub7 Echo Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2 [%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%] goto:eof @echo off setlocal :: from

EXE Version : 4.-Q2.0.9.00 Last Modified : 07/17/2000 Size : 1.29 MB Download This utility installs the WHQL-certified Neo Magic Magic Media 256AV Display Adapter driver. I have two PCs: one with Win98 and one with Win98SE. What is the procedure to upgrade from Win98 to Win98SE? Alain Hello Alain, Do not run the upgrade packages. First, note down all the drivers from your DEVICE MANAGER for later installs. Make sure you install your chipset drivers for the Motherboard first. D., If you have the boot floppy (or if your 98SE CD is bootable, rename and follow through with the fresh install; it will retain your old program settings; however you may need to reload your hardware drivers ... I have a Compaq Presario 1625 laptop computer running at 266M with Win98 4.10.1998.I am trying to set it up to work wireless to the internet. 3) If go with Win98SE, is there a easy way to get the upgrade I need?

I have a PC card that works successfully to another laptop with my Router setup . Unfortunately, D-Link tech support says I need Win98 SE for it to work (in contrast to what the store person said where I bought the Router+Card). 4) If any D-Link experts, can you verify that won't work with Win98 that I have?

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I thought of that but there is a much bigger collection of batch file Q&A here than on either of those sites.

Scripts are not quite programming and yet can't be said to be exactly not-programming either. I knew it had be something simple., but it hasn't progressed in several releases so it's only useful for delineating between Windows NT and Windows 2000 and newer. The numbers are stored in the following variables: echo.

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