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Updating time bsd

The SEBSD and SEDarwin projects ran from roughly 2004-2006, and adapted the FLASK framework and Type Enforcement policy used in SELinux to run in the Free BSD kernel using the MAC Framework. This abstraction of FLASK/TE paved the way for a later transition to SELinux as an LSM module in the Linux community.

Interestingly, Mc Afee (now Intel) ships a MAC Framework Type Enforcement module in their Sidewinder firewall product, albeit from a pre-SELinux FLASK/TE source code base. Forward-porting the 2006 version of SEBSD would be fairly straight forward from a Free BSD perspective, but non-trivial effort would need to be invested in updating the FLASK/TE portions of the work, as well as developing a reference policy. Interested parties should e-mail the trustedbsd-discuss mailing list for pointers, and would likely see a positive reception! SEBSD is a port of NSA's FLASK/TE implementation in SELinux to run on Free BSD as a plug-in module to the Trusted BSD MAC Framework, as well as the policy files and necessary adaptations of Free BSD's userland applications. At the time of this writing, the SEBSD module can be attached to the kernel and run in enforcing mode using a sample policy; many but not all relevant userland applications have been updated to properly interact with FLASK security contexts, including the login program. Mc Afee Research, now SPARTA ISSO, now provides a source tarball and CVSUP source distribution of SEBSD maintained on the Free BSD Project Perforce Server. Its one and only job is to launch the bootsector code written to the active partition of your boot disk, which in turn is responsible for actually searching for and running your bootloader.

There are many cases wherein the MBR and sometimes the bootsector are modified against your will, resulting in a system that doesn’t work the way you want it to.

In these cases, you’ll want to use Easy BCD’s bootloader installation components to update the MBR and bootsector to a compatible version, or else you’ll find yourself unable to view Easy BCD’s boot selection menu.

The FLASK/TE implementation provided by NSA, SCC, and SPARTA ISSO (Mc Afee Research), is licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL), and will be distributed seperately from the remainder of the Trusted BSD components due to these licensing constraints. This SEBSD snapshot is based on a March 2006 snapshot of Free BSD 7.x and SELinux sources from the same timeframe.

However, these components are available as source code module that plugs into the MAC Framework. It also includes the new SELinux Reference Policy as a new policy baseline. This SEBSD snapshot is based on a late-2004 snapshot of Free BSD 6.x, combined with SELinux sources from that time. In addition, a port of the SEBSD module (along with MAC Framework) to Apple's Darwin operating system is also underway; see the SEDarwin page for more information.

It should be noted that SEBSD will not currently function in enforcing mode as the new policy development is still at a relatively early stage. An updated SEBSD snapshot to coincide with Free BSD 6.0-RELEASE will be available in the near future.

The MBR is the very first code launched in the boot process by the BIOS.

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