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Updating gps in holden captiva

I also have a portable Garmin unit, which is better IMHO as it actually names street names (whilst my factory one does not, just turn left ahead, rather than turn left into Smith st), the portable unit has more features, but the kicker is what you mentioned the cost of updating maps.If you legitimately update the maps on the Subaru unit you are looking at a few hundred dollars, now this amount will get you portable unit in some cases with map updates included.

I think Google Maps is definitely one of the best map software out there, and it is definitely better than some of the integrated GPS unit that I have used On the flip side, I don't like fiddling with window mount and power cords, and I find the GPS receiver on my phone to be a bit sketchy when travelling to mountainous regions, with the signal dropping quite frequently if I'm in a valley or ravine.Another issue is data connection in country side, making planning and pre-cache maps a necessity For my next car, I have decided to go with on-board GPS, as I find them to be more convenient despite the software flaws An advantage of many built-in sat navs is that they receive distance and sometimes compass bearing from the car.This enables them to continue to navigate by dead reckoning when there is no satellite signals. when in tunnels Also for me the sat nav being integrated with the entertainment system was a bonus as it takes up less extra space on the console.I would pay a premium for built-in again but only so much and the amount would vary depending on how wealthy I felt at the time.An advantage of many built-in sat navs is that they receive distance and sometimes compass bearing from the car. Map and software is 3 years old and Holden has quoted me around $400 for an upgrade.Hi guys, Just wondering what people think of on-board GPS in a car vs just buying your own portable GPS to use?

What are the advantages and disadvantages, and if you were to choose again which would you go for and why?

I was considering to buy a car with built in GPS, but after finding out that most (if not all) are a hassle to update the maps and also usually cost a few hundred $$ to update, I think I might just buy a cheaper model car without GPS and buy a portable GPS separately.

I have a Liberty with built in GPS, it looks nice to have it integrated into the dash, you can use voice commands to do various functions like repeat last direction for example other than that though I cant think of anything.

This enables them to continue to navigate by dead reckoning when there is no satellite signals. when in tunnels All Tom Toms do this, too, as does my Garmin Zumo. Software is average, presentation less than average.

Speed indication is driven from the same source as the speedo.

Tom Tom registers a speed at say, 100 km/h, whilst the Navigator show is to be 106 km/h (or 120 kays when doing 112 km/h). Also, the inbuilt nav software is slow, takes a while to update or to redraw the map when negotiating roundabouts, or when going into and exiting a corner, for example.

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