Taylor cole dating jesse mccartney

I've just always tried to do my best but if I don't get it, I figure it just wasn't meant to be.

My first professional acting audition happened when I was 9 1/2 years old.

Jesse Mc Cartney: Bradin and I have some similarities but the big difference is, fortunately, my parents are alive and well. I’m like, “Yeah man, that’s me.” Right there in the bathroom!

Unfortunately, all good things usually come to an end (no matter how many hotties managed to appear) and after only a two-season run (WHA-?! But that didn’t stop a lot of the cast members from branching out and finding success on their own!

'It has been an awesome, awesome ride.' Worth the wait.

I mean, people recognize me sometimes but fans just don't scream unless they're in a big group (like an audience at a concert).

People are usually very cool and low key if they recognize me.

The whole cast, the whole crew, from Lori Loughlin to the production office are completely awesome. I love comedy but as far as acting goes, something like Basketball Diaries would be my ultimate dream."JESSE MCCARTNEY: Yes.

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