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When to use the Rapid Update Procedure In the event the software update procedure is interrupted it is unlikely but possible that The Dash do not function correctly, however they can almost always be repaired by repeating the update procedure.

We have dedicated Rioters here to help address any technical issues, so feel free to create a discussion and ask!

Also, make sure to check out our [Knowledge Base](, which has in-depth articles with solutions for most issues.

you're itching to see Ahri, Corki or Ezreal in their retro-style glory, but Bowe--errr, the patch is standing in your way, get past it by following the steps below!

---------------------------------------------- >#***Files Scanned reaches over 9000!!!!! Or, 15k, 20k, etc*** The patcher needs to scan already installed files to make sure that none of the files are corrupt.

If it’s serious enough, you’ll still want to [submit a ticket]( the old-fashioned way.

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