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Speed datingwho that

So now we feel the need to “fast” from what, like that Double-Double (as good as it may have been), has failed to lead us to lasting happiness. For many of us, that may mean we have to break bad habits, and thus some sort of a “break” (or “fast”) from dating may be in order, so that God can teach us how to do date as He intends for us to date ( do is to treat dating as if it is something that unequivocally leads us away from God.However, have the potential to lead many of us to happiness, because dating often leads to our vocation! It’s true that it can do this if we are not using it for its rightful purpose, or if in our dating relationships we are acting contrary to God’s law—but this is not always the case.

Oh wait…is speed dating not what you mean by “dating fast”? I was wondering if you could address dating fasts to grow in your relationship with God and prepare for future relationships.I have a few friends who are on them and recently God has put it on my heart to go one, but there are not many resources out there that talk about dating fasts. It’s a good one, and I think it’s very relevant to a lot of young Catholics today. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with not dating.(when I googled it, it brought me to online dating websites- not helpful lol). To be completely honest, this whole idea of a “dating fast” has always sort of rubbed me the wrong way. God most certainly wants to draw us to Himself, and often times dating makes it hard to let Him do that.It could be that I don’t fully grasp the reason for these “fasts”—but then again, that may be precisely why this trend in dating (er—I mean, dating) amongst young Catholics bothers me so much: I’m not sure that the majority of people embarking on these “fasts” fully understand what or why they are doing what they are doing in the first place. And if what you’re trying to avoid by beginning a “dating fast” is dating for sport, dating simply to pass the time, or dating to make yourself feel better about yourself, then absolutely. But often times, I don’t think a “dating fast” gets to the real heart of the problem.Dating is not the same thing as eating, and I’m positive it shouldn’t be treated as such.I find it somewhat odd to place spending time getting to know a fellow human being on the same level as eating a Double-Double at In-n-Out.

And I think that perhaps placing the two on the same level is what has led so many young people to feel they need to “fast” from dating in the first place.

Unfortunately, what most of us didn’t realize until it was too late is that dating is not supposed to be a given (whereas eating, is).

The purpose of dating is supposed to be marriage (as we learned after the first two or three breakups).

So it would make the most sense if you didn’t date at all until you were at least somewhat close to being ready to get married.

In actuality, most of us started dating in high school—or before!

You can see how, with this background, dating became exactly what we don’t want it to be: a game, something to pass the time, or simply something to make us feel better about ourselves. I think the answer is that we return to viewing dating how we should have from the beginning.

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