Sony liones hot vedyo

What's more, we composite the text that is built in Pro Presenter, along with the cross dissolves, right with the video background graphics (with or without transparency) for the world's first fully-functional worship-minded CG solution.

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Sony liones hot vedyo

Downstream Key Directly to Ouput Device If you're using a switcher that does not have separate Key/Fill inputs, you can use Pro Presenter downstream of your switcher to overlay alpha-keyed graphics and words on top of your video switcher feed.

When using this option, all full screen videos will continue to play full screen, and the Pro Presenter operator in effect has completely control over what is going to your output device.

Separate Key and Fill Outputs (Linear Key) If you're running a broadcast switcher, it more than likely that it has the ability to support separate key and fill channel inputs (commonly referred to as Linear Key).

Using the Alpha Keyer Module for Pro Presenter, you can now send separate key and fill signals to your video switcher.

NOTE: Support for HD1080 resolution requires a suitable Blackmagic card (Decklink 4K Extreme, or the Ultra Studio Thunderbolt device) as well as a display connected that has this resolution selected in the Apple Displays control panel.

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