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Another also spoke of how he was taken by a trishaw driver to a Chinese restaurant with the promise of sex and had his money stolen from him instead.

“ A middle aged, short haired lady and a young girl came out to negotiate.

A few of the men later came back downstairs with prostitutes and joined us on the dance floor,” he explains.

Plain swindling Despite being illegal, several places flourish in their business.

One satisfied custome explains his experience at this massage parlour. Another entry made by a foreigner on the website mentioned above speaks of a massage parlour in Bambalapitiya. There is a very fat ugly woman at the counter who is supposed to be a herbal doctor and we are to assume that she’s running a herbal massage clinic!

The entry was made in 2008, and the amount he was charged for sex at the time was Rs. “I enjoyed my first day there at the massage parlour. Somewhere along the hallway some teenagers were negotiating the deal with a very uninterested fair skinned short haired Sinhalese girl… it was another Rs 500 (for more action).” But it seems while this is prevalent, there is a class of prostitutes most people are willing to pay for, and some, not so much.

One commenter simply said “don’t pick up Sri Lankan women…

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