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Level the playing field by suggesting somewhere alcohol won't be a factor.Don't jump in before you're ready It's normal to feel a bit vulnerable when you're pregnant, even more so if you've recently split with your baby's father.

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**Statistic from Gingerbread, UK charity providing expert advice, practical support and campaigns for single parents.

Research conducted in June and July 2015 amongst 498 Baby Centre members.

In fact, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts can be very insightful and help you build up a picture of your date.

Take precautions Going on a date doesn't mean you're going to have sex, but if you do take that step, make sure your new partner uses a condom.

Baby Centre supports all mums, whatever choices they make and we strongly believe that just because a women is dating doesn't mean that she can't be the best mum possible to the child she is carrying.' Of the single mums-to-be, 62% were in a relationship with the baby's father when they got pregnant, with 22% citing the pregnancy as the reason for the break up.

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