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Sheree whitfield dating

“My oldest daughter had a birthday party at a bowling alley and we were actually around each other for the first time in a very long time and we actually had a good time hanging out and bowling,” said Whitfield. It was bitter and there was a lot of anger and a lot of hurt.At the end of the day I think we both realized with growth that that doesn’t matter.

“We had our differences and our problems, but I never just gave up on her,” he said. We’ve invested a lot in each other, so I’m not going to just scrap my investment to her. You kept the name for a reason.” But with baby steps, it has left Bob with a lack of private moments and “dreaming about the bedroom,” as he put it. , guest star Shereé Whitfield and her ex husband, former NFLer Bob Whitfield were spotted flirting in front of the cameras on the season finale.During a recent appearance on ESSENCE Live, the socialite and TV personality, 46, opened up about what’s really going on between her and her estranged ex-husband.“Going to Jamaica was a challenge because you know I still act a fool getting in the sunshine and the water,” said Bob about his ex.“And I got mesmerized because I haven’t seen her up close like that… It was like I got a flashback and I was like, ‘You’re better than I remember.’ Oh my gosh, it’s awesome.”The retired, 44-year-old NFL player knows he has to be careful around his ex-wife, who he divorced 2007.

“Having been around the person, you can in your mind think about, ‘Hey, it used to be good when it was good, but when it was bad, it was hella bad,’” he said.

“So when you get to the person, you might be like, ‘S***, I need to have my knife in my back pocket just in case.’” So for right now, the couple is taking it easy.

“It was like an experiment that went pretty well,” Bob said. “Oh I’d be bragging to the people because she got more Instagram followers than me, so I’d just be like bragging, like ‘Yeah, I’m about to scoop,’” Whitfield said.

According to Bob, he reconnected with Sheree, 46, in July 2015 during on of their kids’ birthday parties.

Since reconnecting with Sheree, Bob has stopped dating other people.

[…] And Bob hopes that they have a future together.

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