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In all systems of antiquity, fire is adopted as a symbol of Deity; and the Burning Bush, or the bush filled with fire which did not consume, whence came forth the Tetragrammaton, the symbol of Divine Light and Truth, is considered in the advanced degrees of Freemasonry, like the Orient in the lower, as the great source of true Masonic light; wherefore Supreme Councils of the Thirty-Third Degree date their balustres or official documents, “near the B.

The occult is commonly represented by a cube as well.But, it is also found in places such as this: Bracken House, London-The Black Sun bears the face of Winston Churchill.Now, take a look at the female puppet on strings being controlled.Could this mean that the next President will be a woman?UPDATE: March 20th-2011 PLANNING/KNOWLEDGE Given here are three paintings prominently featured in the Bank of America Corporate Center in Charlotte, NC. You see the classic blond-haired, blue-eyed (Masonic) Arian “youth” in the classic Masonic heel-to-heel 90º stance, seemingly clicking his heels. “In the third Exodus it is record that, while Moses was keeping the flock of Jethro on Mount Horeb, “the angle of Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush”, and there communicated to him for the first time his Ineffable Name. You see the classic Masonic checkered floor as part of the landscape that they control. I see this as the Western World being burned and this is the current state of the dismantling affairs of the U. The reference of the Burning Bush is of the Old Testament, which is great importance to the Masonic rituals, especially those of the 33º, who are revered as “near he Burning Bush”.

Long’s first secular fresco, and his largest work to date, consists of three panels composed for the dedication of the Bank of America Corporate Center dominating the lobby as no other artwork could, the panels present the themes of making/building, chaos/creativity, and planning/knowledge in an daring blend of abstract and realism, set off with touches of gold. This is the first of three in the order of timing of events. I see this because of the white man right next to the burning bush and he is wearing a red sweater and blue jeans. He represents the majority of unaware Americans and remains distracted via the book he is reading while the bush (which again represents the Western World) is burning to the ground right next to him.

This occurrence is commemorated in the Burning Bush of the Royal Arch Degree.

On the left are an image of stairs, leading to the heavens, a classic symbol of the path to illumination/Illuminati through the mysteries of Masonry. Hermetic traditions teach the existence of two suns, an invisible and etheric made of pure ‘philosophical gold’ and the material one, the only one the profane can perceive, known as the Black Sun.

Today the Black Sun (Sol Niger) is the name of the result of the first stage of OPUS MAGNUM.

The alchemical Magnum Opus (or great Work) starts with the “blackening”- the calcination of crude metals and ends with their transmutation into pure gold.

Today the symbol of the Black Sun is mostly attached to the esoteric Nazism and occultic sects such as Temple of Set.

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