Sex and the city speed dating scene

On a night out, Carrie meets twenty-something Sam (Timothy Olyphant) for a fling, which turns out not to be so glamorous in the light of day.

Carrie bumps into international party-girl Amalita and her latest man Carlo in a shoe store, who in turn introduce her to a French Architect, Gilles.

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Carrie interviews Barkley, a modelizer who videotapes his conquests.

Derek, a male model client of Stanford Blatch, spends the night with Carrie after a fashion show, although they don't sleep together.

Samantha chases Barkley while at a fashion show, in order to be taped.

The "Derek" character is supposedly based on one-time Calvin Klein underwear model Michael Bergin, with whom Candice Bushnell was once briefly involved.

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