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When I first began teaching resume writing, I wanted my students to have authentic resumes as models, so I gave them copies of resumes by former students with the names whited out.Inevitably, a few students turned in a resume sans name at the top, thinking they were dutifully following the model.I do not want you to do any special favors, but I would be pleased if you would show Ms. Jane is an excellent student, and I expect you will enjoy meeting her when she shows up at your office door. My name is Miss Doe and I will be your kindergarten teacher this coming fall.

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Until we begin our adventure in learning, enjoy the rest of your summer vacation.

As a teacher, I know well the problems inherent in providing anything resembling a template.

I am hopeful to bring our collaboration to greater heights under my helm.

It would be my pleasure to meet with you at your convenience for a courtesy call and to discuss further business collaborations between our companies.

My daughter, Ann, is moving to Springfield next month to look for employment.

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