Sam mtukudzi dating bona mugabe

Afterwards, Sam gets an annulment of their marriage, but feels bad for her and tells her that she will find someone who will like her for her and points her to Garth. The two met in the hospital where Cara worked and Sam was investigating the strange cases of men killing their wives.Dean tries to make a move on her but Sam got her attention.Singapore Airlines, Singapore Jobs,, Singapore News.

They first met when Sam hit a dog and brought the dog to her clinic.

Amelia didn't have a good impression of Sam and demanded he take the dog.

Her death causes a temporary argument between Sam and Dean which later gets resolved. It is unknown when these encounters occurred, although Sam tells Dean that it was during the period that he was soulless and they ended up on a case together. Sam doesn't have any feelings for Becky, but puts up with her when they meet.

Annie, like a number of Sam's lovers, ended up dead. The two first meet in Sympathy for the Devil when Chuck sends Becky to deliver a message.

Ultimately, Sam decides to stick with Dean and hunting, but unknown to him, Amelia chose him over Don and went back to the motel and was devastated to find him not there. He later finds out that she is a kitsune, but lets her go since she saved his life.

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