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Local news and entertainment was broadcast from its first studios in a building in the outskirts of the urban area of Ponta Delgada, in the locality of Sao Gonçalo.

Following some adaptations of the spaces, the first broadcast was aired on 10 August 1975, and lasted six hours.

The plans stated that RTP Açores was going to launch on these providers until August 2015.

RTP Açores is a Portuguese regional television channel operated in the Autonomous Region of the Azores by the national broadcaster, RTP (Rádio e Televisão de Portugal).

The channel began broadcasting programmes produced at its studios in Ponta Delgada on 10 August 1975.

Instability at the national/regional levels and the move towards more autonomy and independence meant that RTP's motives were met with anxiety and distrust, the national broadcaster at that time being a tool of the Armed Forces Movement (MFA).

Following the Carnation Revolution, the move towards a decentralized constitution, with an autonomous status for regional authorities, the island of São Miguel in the archipelago of the Azores, was chosen for the broadcasting centre.

Even so, television in the Azores was seen a "mirror" on Azorean culture, and a "window" on the other islands of the archipelago.

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