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After his passing my Grand mother and i, found a photo in his uniform with a family which we believe was taken in Holland, also a newspaper clipping of my Grand father inspecting the Siegfried line.i would be very happy to send a copy of these to you, if your interested.

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On Sunday 30/11/14 it will be 27 years since my Dad died. Harold and his partner Doreen will stay in my thoughts and in my mind for a very long time to come.

I do not know which regiment(s) he spent his 5 wars years with but I do remember him say that he was attached to Regiment whilst in NW Europe with 21st Army Group. We are doing a research for our community and I'm trying to find everything about what happend in Moll. I have reently bought a Christmas Card printed for 131 whilst part of the BLA.

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Why is there no mention of the 131st activity in these theatres of war?

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