Purpose of dating sites

There are several reasons for this: you’re not taking up each other’s time, you understand you’re not dating just to date but with the possible intention of marriage, you’re not on entirely different pages, and it could lead to a lot smoother road towards matrimony.

Being Clear In Your Communication Not only should the pursuer make his intentions clear in the beginning, but he should be clear if he wants to move deeper even while he is pursuing you.

Being overly exposed and trusting barely known strangers on the internet could be very dangerous.

You can whisk, saying that your private information is all over the internet through sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

The same goes for men who desire a godly woman for the intention of marriage.

Creating A Path To A Serious Relationship Making your intent clear in the beginning is an immense strengthening quality; it enacts a certain seriousness to a relationship that would otherwise be a bit like wandering in the dark.

Not only that, but they also make them accessible for strangers through a simple Google search, exposing your email address, location and other information to the public.

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