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Ps3 goes blank when updating

We've had this issue quite a few times too, along with the constant crashing.

We've had this issue quite a few times too, along with the constant crashing. I started a new map, it didn't happen for a while, but then it started happening again.I was just exploring a new seed in Creative mode (Online Mode Single Player, Default Texture) and after about an hour and a half of roaming around, the screen goes black and a message saying, ""Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition" has failed to load, and cannot continue." And caused the system to hard reboot when using the PS3 Button to quit out of the game. I was playing single player survival mode with the Medieval texture pack.I placed my first Ender Chest, put a couple items in it and less than a minute later got this error and had to do the hard reboot.I tried again with the default texture pack and have been able to use the Ender Chests.Not sure what the bug is, but I am avoiding texture packs now. I'm still on 1.12 and this problem just barely started about a week ago.Been playing for months with no issues before last week. If it was the chances of it occurring while playing other games would be the same.....which it isn't. Can only mean that some new bug has developed which is causing the game to crash/freeze.

But I didn't update or anything so I have no clue why. It's been happening to many many players now for weeks on end.

If your system is behind in updates it could suggest that there is an issue with the game in general and not just linked to the numerous bugs that appeared in conjunction with the last major update...as I'm no expert im just speculating on that point.

Personally I just want the ***** thing to get fixed...frustrating rebooting your system practically every time you play.

Even whilst playing with the normal texture pack that's pre-installed ect. Ive been playing survival and just started to have some framerate drop which has never happened before, so i was worried it was a failing hard drive because my version of minecraft is the digital version, not the disc. Not sure what changed, but it makes it basically impossible to run a 24/7 server.

To be perfectly honest we thought it was the PS3 on it's way out (as we haven't been playing many other games) so it's a relief to know we aren't the only ones having trouble playing. This happens to me too but the reason that this happens is when you have to many worlds in the game.

If you do then that will use up the memory of the world that you are in.

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