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Persian sex date

For this ceremony, one or more representatives of the man’s family pay a visit to the woman's family.The first visit is purely for the parties to become acquainted with one another.

Following the first visit, both parties can begin to think more seriously about whether they would like to pursue a relationship.When it is time for a young man to get married, his family will look around to identify a number of potential brides.Some men ask their parents to suggest potential brides, if they have been unable to find one themselves.However, this has become rarer in recent years, with men and women mixing and meeting freely themselves.Once the man, or his family, have decided on a potential bride, the Khastegāri process takes place.Iranian wedding or Persian wedding (Persian: مراسم عروسی در ایران) traditions go back to the ancient Zoroastrian tradition, despite their local and regional variations (for example Iranian Azerbaijan region)..

Though the concepts and theory of the marriage have been changed drastically by Islamic traditions, the actual ceremonies have remained more or less the same as they were originally in the ancient Iranian culture.

Although Iran is multi-ethnic country, Iranian wedding traditions are observed by the majority of ethnic groups in Iran and neighboring countries and regions such as Republic of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan.

Khastegāri (Persian: خواستگاری) is the first step of the traditional Iranian marriage process.

Both the woman and the man have their say in whether or not they would like a follow up to this visit.

At the Second Khastegāri (Persian: خواستگاری دوم) a marriage proposal is made by the suitor and his family.

The woman’s family welcome the party and invite them to sit in the reception room.

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