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Students represent both school and community when at a performance or competition. Applauding another band takes nothing away from our own band. The fine arts camp my daughter attended during two summer vacations names cabins after composers. Marching backwards, marching sideways while facing straight ahead without checking your neighbors' locations requires you have a good sense of where you are in space and helps students experience and grow in this area. When you're marching backwards, or sideways, you must trust that your bandmates are doing what they're supposed to do so that you don't crash into them on a trek across the football field during your precision marching. In his book , Malcolm Gladwell tells us that 10,000 hours of practice at anything = success.

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What's the best way to help your family get through a divorce? But some stress reducing guidelines might make the adjustment a bit easier.

These suggestions can make the process less painful for kids, teens, and families.

While the parents are going nuts in the stands, the band members on the field remain perfectly still in situations where we all know they wanted to dance and scream. Music programs give our students practice and experience in skills that reach far beyond musical notes and instruments.

The kids don't realize that they are getting experience in so many non-musical life-skills that will have positive impacts as they become adults.

Seeing your scores improve throughout the season or from year to year is rewarding. Resilience is a hot topic in psychology today, and being able to bounce back after a mistake or setback is an important skill throughout life, a skill that develops by being practiced and experienced, and (fortunately or unfortunately), there are lots of opportunities to practice in marching band.

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