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Oklahoma city phone dating

Restaurant servers cringe at having to work, but make a concession of their sanity in exchange for a steady stream of tips from two-tops. Florists circle the date with red lipstick and kiss their calendars, which get a little smeary because they are salivating so much over the profits to be had.

The ancient pagan roots of this observance would be enough to outrage our collective inner feminist or animal rights activist – but since every single Lupercalia scheduled for the past 1,518 years has been canceled, you can look up the details (goat sacrifice, fertility rites, etc.) elsewhere.It’s probably for the best, but now we have to figure out what to do on February 14 instead.Even if Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, date night is worth your while.Take it from Jerry Pierce, Senior Vice President of CRS Oklahoma, a retail services company specializing in point-of-sale software and video surveillance systems.Pierce and his wife Ve Lisa, a pseudo pilot trainer for the Federal Aviation Administration, have been married for 5½ years.“With such a busy schedule and the days flying by with other demands,” says Jerry, “it’s important to spend some quality time together.” Ve Lisa recounts a romantic dinner at the Skirvin Hilton followed by a viewing of “Mamma Mia!

” at the Civic Center as among their more memorable Valentine’s Day dates.

This will be the first Valentine’s Day in Oklahoma City for Mc Kenzie Graham and her boyfriend, Nate.

Graham, Development Coordinator for the local chapter of JDRF (a type-1 diabetes research organization), envisions a night of new experiences in their adopted home city.

“We’re thinking dinner in Bricktown at a place neither of us has been to,” she says, “then finishing the night with a carriage ride through downtown.” Valentine’s Day is the ultimate date night, making it perfect for those new or “special occasion” experiences.

But you can make every date night special here in the metro.

We’ve explored the city for ideas and come up with six dining destinations, six potential things to do and six things to see. According to numerology.com, 6 is the most harmonious single-digit number.

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