is dane cook dating anyone 2016 - Oh what a tangled online dating web we weave

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It doesn’t look “kooky” or powerful or loving or magnificent that this movie’s plot unfolded the way it did, either.

Not even a little, any more than it does that the hero’s father supposedly saw Jesus in driftwood.

Embedded below is TMG Digital’s map of the relationships that the Public Protector’s report described when it was released on Wednesday.

The intricate web — mapped using network analysis and visualisation software — shows key players’ prominence such as Gupta business associate Salim Essa‚ as well as other subtler connections through family relationships and common business holdings.

The come-on used by the site is the same one used by religious leaders the world over: “You have this need and my invisible friend says that you should give me money so for Christians who have been targeted by Jesus as needing to meet on a dating site, then you, my friend, are one sweet summer child.

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