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Nigerian male dating scammers arrests

She was forced into bankruptcy, eventually owing at least $98,000.

Sunmola, originally of Lagos, Nigeria, currently lives in South Africa and was arrested as he was preparing to board a British Airlines flight from Heathrow Airport to Johannesburg. Another Nigerian man, Adagun Moshood Olalekan, was indicted by the same office March 4, and accused of a similar scam.He has been arrested by the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crime Commission and is awaiting extradition, prosecutors said.Christopher Gilmer, 44, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the IRS, aggravated identity theft and attempted obstruction of grand jury investigation for his role in $150 million nationwide tax fraud conspiracy, prosecutors said.The United States government accidentally gave $50 million to a group of criminals this year.Hackers successfully filed thousands of fraudulent tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which issued refunds for at least 15,000 of those returns to about 5,000 bank accounts. LOUIS • A Nigerian man indicted here and accused of running an online “romance scam” that victimized at least 30 women in Illinois, Missouri and elsewhere has been arrested in London, the U. He wooed each woman for months, using flowers, stuffed animals, greeting cards and candy and promises that each “was his one true love, his sole love interest, and the woman with whom he intended to spend the rest of his life,” the indictment claims.

Olayinka Ilumsa Sunmola, 31, pretended to be a current or retired member of the military, using information and photos he’d stolen from real people on online dating sites, the indictment says.

Once they were involved in a relationship, Sunmola began manufacturing fake emergencies that required ever-increasing amounts of money from his victims, prosecutors said. Sunmola often pretended to be from Mascoutah, the indictment says.

The victims were not named but lived in Illinois’ Bond County, St. Sunmola scammed a Bond County woman into buying electronics and shipping them to him, reshipping electronics he’d bought using stolen credit card information and taking out cash advances on a credit card, the indictment says.

We’ve written at length about the data breach and described how most of the criminal operation worked.

We know the hackers used a large set of personal data, stolen from elsewhere, to log into the IRS website and download previously filed returns.

We know they used those tax transcripts to create and file new returns that would generate refunds.

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