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You cannot say God is not an integral part of our religion.

There is no other word for it.” Meanwhile, Malay-language Bibles with the word “Allah” have been confiscated by the government, although some were returned with a stamp inside declaring that the Bibles were only for the personal use of non-Muslims.

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That is a contentious question in the multi-religious, multi-ethinc country of Malaysia.

The majority of the population here—61 percent—is Muslim, 20 percent Buddhist, 9 percent Christian, and 6 percent Hindu.

Remembering her days at university in 2009, the young mother of two said: “I was at a lecture wearing jeans, and I remember my lecturer, she told me that I am not being ‘Muslim enough’.

The blouse that I was wearing fell to my knees.”Looking incredulous, she continued: “I am not ‘Muslim enough’ because I am wearing jeans?

It is, in the 29-year-old’s own words, “living life the way a Muslim’s life should be”.

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