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Additional inspections are completed by our Engineering Staff to ensure Metallum Mold’s design standards meet our customer’s needs.

As a full service manufacturer of precision molds, Metallum Molds has the in-house capabilities to take a customer’s product from start to finish.

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We can provide a complete turn-key manufacturing solution, including 3-D mold modeling, mold flow – mold fill analysis, mold design, mold construction, mold sampling, part inspection, debug work and production molding.

In addition, our full service capabilities are coordinated by skilled & experienced personnel, using state of the art equipment.

We design the part and mold cavity and send the mold design to our customers for final approval.

When you’re satisfied with your mold design and decide to order your part, it moves to the mold designers at Metallum Molds, where they develop your 3-D CAD to digitally design two halves of the mold, or the A-Side and B-Side.

Polymers – plastics – polymeric materials – properties, engineering, applications. The critical part dimension metal tolerances must be less than 10% of the plastics part dimension tolerances.

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