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The X100 startup held me up a couple times (even with the fast card you must reformat EVERY TIME you put it in the camera to gain the fast start up speed) but all was good for what I was doing.I did notice a difference in the output of the cameras though, and I think it will all come down to personal choice.

The Poll was pretty evenly split and finally the top image broke away with the most votes, meaning that the majority thought the top was from the X1. More than half of you were wrong here which goes to show that BOTH cameras are capable of fantastic output.When I show JPEG output, each camera was set to the same color setting. If it was standard on the X1, it was Provia on the X100. For ISO, the base ISO of each camera was used for best image quality. With the RAW comparisons, each shot was processed from RAW with NO ENHANCEMENTS AND NO PP.NONE OF THE SHOTS HERE, even the out of camera JPEGS, HAVE ANY processing done to them. While out today I found that the viewfinder of the X100 is a godsend.While framing images in the bright sun it was so much easier to do so with the OVF/EVF compared to the X1’s LCD.On the flip side, the X1 started up much quicker and was ready to shoot when I was.Just got back from my mini road trip today where I took along the Fuji X100 and Leica X1 so I could compare shooting them side by side.

I wanted to write about the experience AND the image quality results of both out of camera JPEG and RAW conversions.

First off, the light was harsh today so these were all taken between AM and 2PM, not the best light but still was able to get a feel for each camera and compare them.

What I will do here is post straight from camera JPEG images from each camera, as well as a few processed in RAW and a couple of FULL size samples from RAW.

To me, the X1 file has LESS distortion in my sons face. Each camera gave me good quality results though I must admit, after looking at images side by side, I am preferring the color of the Leica X1.

In the X100 file, he is suffering a bit more from the big nose syndrome, meaning the barrel distortion is blowing up his face a bit. The images above were shot RAW and exported from ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) untouched. Also, the Leica images are somewhat “crisper”…if that is the right word.

Both are at F2.8 and both are sharp but you can see the different color and WB of each image. Someone in the comments pointed out that they thought it had more “soul” and I somewhat agree. Oh, as for the 2nd comparison this morning, the TOP image was shot with the X1 and as you guys noticed, my shadow gave it away! BUT the X100 is really just as capable, especially with some PP as you will see later down in this article. In this 1st set of the dog, I DO see a more 3D pop from the Leica shot.

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