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Linux driver sr needs updating

Installing Arch Linux on a Mac Book (Air/Pro) or an i Mac is quite similar to installing it on any other computer.However, due to the specific hardware configuration of a Mac, there are a few deviations and special considerations which warrant a separate guide.

This guide contains installation-instructions that can be used on any Apple computer whose hardware is supported by the Linux kernel.The easiest way to partition your hard drive, so that all these operating systems can co-exist, is to use disk utility in OS X, use the formatter on windows XP, install XP and then finish with Arch Linux tools.Warning: It is highly recommended that this only be attempted after a clean install of OS X.Using these methods on a pre-existing system may have undesired results.Please see 'related' pages (on the top right of this page) for model-specific tips and troubleshooting. Partitioning is the same as any other hardware that Arch Linux can be installed on.The only special consideration is the Mac Book firmware boot sound.

To ensure that this sound is off: mute the volume in OS X before continuing further.

The Mac Book firmware relies on the value in OS X, if available.

Note that if you choose to get rid of the OS X partition, there is no easy way to update your machine's firmware unless you use an external drive to boot OS X.

You can boot in EFI mode (recommended) or bios-compatibility mode, if in doubt choose EFI.

Note: If you have any problems, try using the gparted live CD (i.e. It is capable of shrinking the OS X partition and creating Linux partitions ready for installation.partition mountpoint size type label /dev/sda1 /boot/efi 200Mi B vfat EFI /dev/sda2 - ? hfs+ Recovery /dev/sda4 - 100Mi B hfs+ Boot Arch Linux from the Apple boot loader (optional) /dev/sda5 /boot 100Mi B boot boot /dev/sda6 - ?

swap swap (optional) /dev/sda7 / 10Gi B ext4 root /dev/sda8 /home remaining ext4 home This may not work for everyone but it has been successfully tested on a Mac Book from late 2009.

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