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In Frenemies, she is cast as Rachel's understudy in Funny Girl, starting a feud between them that gets both Rachel and Santana kicked out of Kurt's band, previously named Pamela Lansbury, now called One Three Hill.In New Directions she resigned as the understudy of Rachel in Funny Girl.

Brittany Pierce (wife)Noah Puckerman (ex-boyfriend)Sam Evans (ex-boyfriend)Finn Hudson (one date, one night stand)Dave Karofsky (beard)Elaine (fake girlfriend)Quinn Fabray (one night stand)Dani (ex-girlfriend) Quinn Fabray Kurt Hummel Rachel Berry Finn Hudson Sam Evans Blaine Anderson Artie Abrams Mercedes Jones Dani Elliott Gilbert Tina Cohen-Chang Mike Chang Matt Rutherford Noah Puckerman Sugar Motta Rory Flanagan Joe Hart Will Schuester Marley Rose Santana Diabla Lopez is a major character on Glee, and is an alumna of William Mc Kinley High School as of Goodbye.She served as the co-captain of the Cheerios, as a member of the school's Glee Club, the New Directions and was previously a member of the all-girls second Glee Club, The Troubletones.In Season Four, she started school as a student at The University of Louisville where she had been given a full scholarship in cheerleading.However, in Diva, it is revealed that she dropped out prior because she didn't enjoy what she was doing there.Switch to our Internet & Home Phone Bundle and get the most out of your hard earned money.Stay connected socially, download music, enjoy online gaming, view and upload video.

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Lee is an Interventional Spine and Pain Management physician specializing in non-operative management of neck, back and musculoskeletal pain, in addition to interventional spine procedures.

In the same episode, she moves to New York and becomes roommates with Kurt Hummel, Rachel Berry, and Brody Weston, who is living there with Rachel and Kurt at the time.

She gets kicked out in Feud, but moves back in at the end of Guilty Pleasures.

As of Lights Out, Santana attends a NYADA extension class for dance, something she says she has enjoyed doing ever since she was a child.

She has many side jobs, such as being a waitress at the Spotlight Diner, and being an actress; starring in a commercial for Yeast I Stat.

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