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“Executives looked at everything they had done before and discussed them at length before making the decision to invite them back and make them a big part of the launch show.“Obviously they were exactly what had been expected.” The group had a contract with Star Records Inc, which has an arrangement with Sony Music.Simon Cowell’s Syco is also a joint venture with Sony.

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Silverman is also hoping to close a deal on a Miami jai alai casino and sports venue owned by Florida Gaming Centers, which a branch of his company, Silvermark, had been poised to purchase for $115 million and $14 million in liabilities before Florida Gaming declared bankruptcy in August.

Silvermark is the stalking horse bidder on the property, which is scheduled for an open bid at the end of this month.

In New York, where real estate is the city’s lifeblood, its tangled, baroque storylines unfolding beneath the graceful splendor of the city’s skyline, developers often become larger-than-life characters, their family dramas and romantic entanglements playing out in Page Six and Curbed alongside their deals in the business pages.

After all, a budding friendship can prove as meaningful as any medieval alliance, and a marriage or divorce has the potential to shift the dynamics of deals around the city.

Walsh’s novelty act Bratavio were the first to be eliminated from the show after losing to Finnish hopeful Saara Aalto in the sing-off.

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