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When Stevie tasted the first bite, he looked at me with that certain twinkle in his eyes. Pick a day this week, gather your ingredients by noon and by six you’ll be queen of the world! I call it the best beef stew ever because I am a self professed drama queen, but this is no hyperbole. Or ‘hahrrible’ as I would have sounded on the video. So I give you the limited pictures I took and my very granny-ish instructions. I usually buy a large package for my large family (I’m guessing 2-3 pounds).

Make it this weekend for your people and they will swear their allegiance to you forever. I know I’ve been promising you a beef stew tutorial video, which I went to the trouble of making. Coat it with Canadian steak seasoning or 21 Seasoning Salute from Trader Joe’s and salt it well. In a very hot dutch oven with a generous amount of oil added (you can also use some bacon fat, which I HIGHLY recommend, along with your more sensible oil), brown the meat on all sides.

I write about this beef stew in my memoir, All the Pretty Things.

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