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Kim jong kook yoon eun hye dating

The discussion about marriage is making her confused, she doesn’t know if she’s got what it takes to get married right now.

He concedes he might be rushing things between them. Even though he hates waiting, he’ll do it for only for Gong Ah Jung.the drama was akin to a lie, promising something that didn’t exist (the normative good script and good execution requirements), then the process of watching LTM transformed the viewers into living the lie within the drama that turned out to house something unexpectedly real.Ki Joon and Ah Jung discovered that a lie allowed them to find each other, a true love blossoming from something untrue. It was daebak not because it was some sort of well-written, well-reasoned narrative masterpiece.We similarly all discovered a candid truth about LTM – however ephemeral or lacking the drama was, the undeniable truth was that Ki Joon and Ah Jung’s love felt real to us, and the chemistry between Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye was so genuine it might never be duplicated again. It was daebak because it understood the love story between Ah Jung and Ki Joon and brought them to a tender, sweeping, and wholly satisfying conclusion.The story wrapped up starting with a montage of moments that literally had me bawling like a baby I was so moved because I felt it in my gut that I took this journey with Ki Joon and Ah Jung (and this drama with Ji Hwan and Eun Hye). I can’t tell you LTM-fans that this has been the wildest drama-viewing party I’ve ever hosted (it might, but PK and M3 was likely just as passionate and rowdy), but you guys have undoubtedly created your own unique and never-to-be duplicated running commentary and appreciation for this drama that was so very mesmerizing to us who loved it.I feel like I had the exact same conversation Ah Jung is having with Ki Joon before.

So don’t say this is some sort of dramatic contrivance, because it’s not.

My situation may not be universal, but I can tell you that this exact conversation happens to countless couples around the world.

Better (and worse) dramas come and go, but an unforgettable experience is an once in a blue moon occurrence that we should all cherish for the love, laughter, and tears it brought to us all who enjoyed this drama. But we will always have this drama to re-watch over and over again. Episode 16 Recap: Ah Jung’s not turning down Ki Joon’s proposal for good, nor is she unwilling to marry him.

LTM was like that rare solar eclipse that united us all in gazing at the wonder that was the undeniable and scorching chemistry between Ji Hwan and Eun Hye. The reality of marrying Hyun Ki Joon 5-Item Set + World Hotel President is just too daunting for her to process, and she’s unsure of what’s going to happen.

Ki Joon asks why she’s suddenly thinking this way, doesn’t she love him, to which Ah Jung replies that she loves him.

She loves him so much that it’s inconceivable for her to imagine living in a world without him.

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