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Judi dench dating

"Mutual friends of ours introduced us in a pub in Covent Garden," she says."He had this marvelous sense of humor, which, for me, is paramount.

"My character in the first film says [of India], ' It's an assault on your senses,' and that's exactly what it is," Dench remarks."I mean, the color and sound and noise and smell and taste — you become unbelievably bewitched by it." Moreover, she's getting to spend time with the great British cast she worked alongside on the first film — including fellow Dame Maggie Smith, whom she first met and shared a dressing room with in 1958, and with whom she has since starred in numerous plays and films — plus new additions Richard Gere and Tamsin Greig, of whom she speaks very highly.Dench has been acting since the age of 5, when she played a snail in a school play."I remember I had a brown romper suit on and brown tights and my father made me an enormous shell," she recalls with a laugh.THR caught up with the 79-year-old "Philomena" Oscar nominee, who has been largely absent from the awards campaign trail, to discuss the impact of her macular degeneration, her "best friend" and why she still works 12-hour days.As the legendary Judi Dench nears her 80th birthday, she is enjoying as great a third act as any actor ever has.

In January, for her performance as a mother searching for her long-lost child in Stephen Frears' , have come in the past 16 years, since she turned 63.

And, despite macular degeneration, which has robbed her of most of her eyesight, and recent knee surgery, which has hobbled her movement, the Dame has no plans of slowing down her schedule anytime soon., a sequel to the 2011 surprise hit original — and loving it.

"All I had to do was crawl across the stage under this shell.

When my parents came to it, I can remember standing up — and I can also remember somebody at the side of the stage saying, ' Get down! ' My first critic." But her dream, as an adolescent, was to be a theater designer, and she trained to be one for years until one particular trip to the theater changed her life.

"I went to see a production of She landed her first acting job at the Old Vic, where she worked from 1957 until 1961, and then joined the Royal Shakespeare Company and acted with it in Stratford and London for the next 20 years, during which she became one of the most acclaimed actresses of her generation "doing the whole canon of Shakespeare, really." The work of the Bard has always held great appeal to her: "That was the best I could possibly imagine it could be," she said.

"I would like to be doing a play of Shakespeare every night."While in her 30s, Dench fell in love with a fellow classical actor, Michael Williams.

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