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Unable to make progress through traditional means, the Simpsons try aversion therapy — leading them to cause a power overload throughout the city of Springfield by shocking each other repeatedly. Monroe gives up on the family, the money they initially the Simpsons paid is returned in double, allowing them to purchase an upgraded television - seemingly reuniting the family.

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The majority of the episode is told in flashbacks: interesting. Cory Anotado (@pacdude) I dare say that Life on the Fast Lane is the season's best episode.

The entire town coming together as an angry mob over a desecrated statue: great way to set up how foolish and impulsive Springfield really is. (Not exactly a controversial view, considering it won an Emmy.) I enjoy that it's a Marge-centric episode, and that it reveals more of her personality.

Albert Brooks, in his second guest appearance, is hilarious as a French bowling master-cum-casanova, improvising most of his lines in a masterful performance. Cory Anotado (@pacdude) Never forget: Homer Simpson is not a bad man.

It ends with Marge choosing Homer over Jacques, and a memorable Officer and a Gentleman parody that I remember seeing and not getting the reference as a child. He is stupid, short-sighted, dense, and sometimes inconsiderate. Homer's Night Out is one of those classic examples of this.

This is a work in progress — and because it's a community effort, we expect a few missing episodes here or there (we'll be going to back to fill in the gaps later). Fire" features Homer's lies of omission, Bart's rebellions, and Lisa's precocious intelligence.

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