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Jatu dating jatu

Why don't you check out the references I gave before you embarrass yourself once again? John Hill - You have not done any editing in proper sense.

Time has not yet come so that you can rely fully on material available on internet especially when it is from languages you do not understand. I had highlighted your phrase deletion needs no talent to copy it, and then changed my mind, but must have deleted it by mistake. Now, as to the Shahnama - you accuse me of not verifying my statements about it. Particular attention must be focused on Wikipedia talk page unacceptable behaviour.Mr John hill do not remove Jats in Shahnama section. Burdak - do not reverse my edits until you answer the questions I have posed above.You have not answered my questions and you are not an authority on the Jats. It amounts to vandalism removing content without verifying from referenced book. Administrator Utcursh has given note that he will moderate this article. Prove your worth by positive contribution to this article. I have given a properly referenced standard recent translation of the passage there which is obviously very different from the aberrant and incorrect translation you gave.There is no mention of Jats in the Shahnama at all - either in the Persian original or in standard English translations.Finally, I have searched for the word "Jat" in two Persian variants (جات = jāt and جت = jat) through the full on-line Persian text and discovered that neither are in that text. Burdak - I can only assume that we have here yet another example of you quoting a faulty translation.

Since I asked you to quote the Persian text where "Jat" was supposed to appear and you have not done so, I assume that either you cannot find the supposed reference to Jats in the Persian text - or that you cannot read Persian yourself.

So, until the Administrator Utcursh has a chance to check it all for himself and make a decision I will tag your passage on the Shahnama to warn readers that it is likely to be unreliable.

I have shown you earlier also when you said there is no mention of jats in Satyarth Prakash. I think you should be very careful when you make such accusations - especially as you yourself have so frequently been found to not check your references properly.

You have also deleted a line from my note that deletion needs no talent. I try very hard to confirm references as carefully and as fully as I can.

I do not understand why you deleted my talk page note, which you are not supposed to do. Do not delete the content till Administrator does proper editing. I first asked two colleagues of mine who are native Persian speakers to check the Persian text and both said they could find no reference to Jats and that the translation of the passage you referred to was best translated by Dick Davis.

I have also myself checked two English translations - the one by Helen Zimmern and the more up-to-date one (1998) by Dick Davis, neither of whom make any mention of Jats anywhere in their translations.

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