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Havana club nude dating

They have just changed the rules regarding this issue I believe.I have stayed in hotels in the past with a Cuban girl who was my platonic friend.

Some of the lower end hotels would allow Cubans in if the security guard got his payment to look the other way. Now however, it seems like Cubans can become guest at any resort or hotel so long as their way is paid.While they are now allowed to stay in the hotels, the majority of them will not be able to afford to.This means most will only be able to stay if paid for by a tourist.If they are stating at the hotels with tourists, their names will be in the hotels' official register indicating as such.Some Cubans have expressed concern that this may allow the authorities to easily see which Cuban girls/guys have been with more than one tourist and make it easier to charge them with communicating with tourists.At least that is what I am to understand by Raul's latest announcement regarding this matter.

You are right Halfwaytree, Cubans (men or women) can now stay in any hotels like any other customer.

As long as they can pay, they can stay without any problem.

They can go on a day pass, stay for a day, a week, they are customer like any others.

Whilst I was in Cuba last month I was told there were several Cubans staying at Club Amigo in Guardalavaca paying 99 CUC's per night. No doubt we will here more about this when Loony Lou and GOM return. I was sitting at a bar with a Cuban guy I had met, he was singing and playing his guitar for a couple of tourists.

He was taken to the police station and given a warning.

Another time, as I was waiting for the bus to the airport, I went for a last stroll on the beach.

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