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Guide to successful dating

When we think of Valentine, it's always about celebrating your love with someone by taking the person you love in restaurants or arranging personal date somewhere else.This is because Valentines commonly known as the feast of Saint Valentine during the 14th of February each year.

It is a time when two individuals have the chance to strengthen their relationship and prolong it for more period of time.Have I become cold, or it is normal not to enjoy the company of an exboyfriend?Hey guys, Is it normal not to enjoy the company of an ex boyfriend? We were together for six years of our lives, and IIt is so hard to find a companion/mate when you work full-time and don't go toclubs or bars.You don't get to address your single status like you would do as a unemployed person where you have all day long to address Boyfriend is into females with a penis, I am left with questions and concerns.Please understand that I am only trying to understand and be as open minded as possible.After the execution, the members of the Christian Church canonized Father Valentinus due to the miracle that he made with the blind woman to make her see as well as creating a legacy regarding the establishment of love to religion as well as love to others.

Since his canonization, Valentine became as part of General Roman Calendar celebrated on February 14 of each year.

However, during the revision of Roman Catholic policies in 1969, Feast of Valentine was officially removed and turned as a regular day.

This can be considered as nightmare for singles out there because they are loveless, so they should visit their friends with similar situation to celebrate Valentines day even without a date.

The feast of Valentine started when a priest named Valentinus started to offer marriage rituals for soldiers who were forbidden to marry by the Roman rulers during the first century or 100 CE (Current Era) or 100 after the death of Jesus Christ.

When father Valentinus was caught by Roman authorities, he was imprisoned and executed on the 14th day of February.

But before his execution, he performed a miracle by making a blind girl to see and wrote a letter to her as "from your Valentine", which was the first valentine card and was used as an expression to establish the Valentines Day.

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