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Girl dating blog

Some women chase after the chemistry in hopes that one day their man will change. I’d rather the drama of my life be about my spouse and I pursuing our highest dreams together. And of course there are bad dramas like going through life’s inevitable heartaches together.

I’m talking about stuff like generous, sacrificial, selfless, faithful, loyal, kind, hardworking, courteous, etc…It seems quite obvious but worthy of just spelling out. Don’t let the rush of Dopamine and Oxycontin in your body make you forget what matters most.After all the flood of chemicals in your body subsides, you’re going to be stuck with a flawed human. Wouldn’t you rather just marry a man whose character you love and admire and respect?Does the human of your choosing have flaws you can actually live with? It would be a much better scenario to not have the drama of your life be all about trying to change him. There’s drama in doing home improvement projects and traveling the world.But, if you had to choose one over the other, character trumps chemistry.I’m reminded of this time and time again now that I’m a married woman with married friends.

I see wives spin their wheels and want to pull their hair out or get divorced. It’s because they married the guy who they only had chemistry with.

Those men didn’t have the character traits of a good human.

If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you might remember that I once wrote about how Character Trumps Chemistry.

I wanted to write a follow up article on that subject.

In an ideal world of course you would have both character and chemistry.

You would be with a person who was both good and who gave you butterflies.

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