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the Faith Shares Baptist Values Fund (FZB), the Faith Shares Catholic Values Fund (FCV), the Faith Shares Lutheran Values Fund (FKL) and the Faith Shares Methodist Values Fund (FMV) (each a "Liquidating Fund," and, collectively, the "Liquidating Funds").Liquidating Options is the premier Binary Options Broker.The thing they all most fear is that some one will "start a run on the bank," force it to liquidate, and everyone will lose.

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The Liquidation process offers a way out of the problem.

You may well feel that your business dreams are at an end.

Yet it is much more likely to be just a blip in your life.

Liquidation allows you to bring an Insolvent company to an end.

To start with, our policy is to use segregated bank accounts, in which we do not mix traders funds with the current accounts of Liquidating Options.

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