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James Kennedy and Jax Taylor were seen fighting, as were Lala Kent and Kristen Doute.Both the reality stars were open about their hate for each other, once they found out that they both want Kennedy.

After Lala shoved Kristen and James bashed Jax, the two decided to leave the after-party together.Meanwhile, Richie expresses his concern, asking whether or not that sex was consensual.Kent brushed off the concerns by saying that she knows and trusts Kennedy enough to know that he wouldn’t take advantage of her.Richie then said that their drunken hook-up sounded more like rape.The British musician was heard saying, “You can’t always get what you want, but in this case you got exactly what you want.Kristen and I are pretty good right now, Lala and I are even better.

So I’m going for the golden ticket – Lala.” So does that mean that Lala Kent and James Kennedy finally hooked up after Season 4 of came to a close?

Kennedy played with both Doute and Kent’s affections for most of the season, even though it’s clear that he was obsessed with Kent.

Kennedy also won the night by scoring his main prize, even though he’s not the winner of Season 4.

that she did hook up with James Kennedy, but she was unaware of how it went down.

Lala did an exclusive interview for Nik Richie during his podcast after she previously denied hooking up with James, expressing that she had no sexual attraction to him.

However, Lala confessed during the interview that James told her that they hooked up one tonight ago, in which she has no recollection of due to being blackout drunk during the time.

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