Finally updating my site

I also wrote some plugins to help with some things I wanted to improve and clean up, like category listings, the list of recent changes, etc. I will put the source to all my plugins and my skin up soon.

finally updating my site-65

I wasn't really interested in the community editing part of the wiki phenomenom—I wanted to retain editorial control—but the ease of updating and the rich graph structure was appealing.

Around this time, I discovered Media Wiki, which is the wiki engine that runs Wikipedia.

The relatively small friction of having to telnet to the server, edit the pages, or copy them back and forth was enough to deter me from updating at all.

As time passed, I accumulated more and more material that I wanted to share with people—lectures, articles, opinions, and the like—but I just never got it together to update my webpages.

I went through a pretty long process getting everything to fit together correctly, so I might make a separate blog post detailing all of that in the future.

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