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The research also stated that women who have negative or less positive childhood relationships with their fathers weren’t attracted to men who looked like their fathers and actually sought out partners who demonstrated strong deviation from their father’s physical features and mannerisms. Lynda Boothryd who authored the study says, “The results show for certain that the quality of a daughter’s relationship with her father has an impact on whom she finds attractive.

We can now say that daughters who have very positive childhood relationships with their fathers choose men similar to their fathers.” At the same time however, partner appearance and demeanor are just a couple of the father-related preferences and tendencies that women subconsciously project into their romantic relationships.

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But can a woman’s relationship with her father really have such a significant influence on her relationships and dating habits as an adult? According to experts and recently conducted studies, the nature of a woman’s relationship with her father is almost always reflected in her relationship patterns as a grown woman.

Modern psychology and research tells us that young girls and women typically look to their father for a representation of male companionship standards, which are known to transpire into the realm of romantic and even sexual relationships.

Not long after their bundle of joy was born, the girl’s mother had a nervous breakdown.

The girl lived with her great-grandparents until she was 2-years-old.

The unidentified teen is from the Great Lakes region, and says her mom gave birth to her after getting pregnant on prom night.

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